How to improve your health and strengthen immunity?

Conditions are everything (understanding of human processes in terms of physics and chemistry)

What drives us are ion transports and the reactions of various substances. We constantly supply reactants and remove products. In fact, it is oxidation that produces energy in us. Various forms of combustion. Either we burn glucose, fats, proteins, various parasites, or if it runs badly, we also burn our own body. Sometimes we burn it intentionally in the process of losing pounds of fat, which are actually fatty acids. Just as we burn coal, gas, wood in boilers, so if we put living or dead organisms there, they will also burn. Even our body may one day burn - it will then change into the basic elements and minerals of which it is composed. Or it will become the food of microorganisms and thus turn into a large number of living creatures of this world. Such changes also occur during our lives.

Our cells and everything we have in our body is often the food of parasites. In other words, our cells change into other forms of life. Just as we grow and consume different foods, we change them into ourselves, our cells. But the fact that microorganisms or parasites multiply uncontrollably in our country is the result of previous processes and conditions that have been set. Conditions are what has allowed us to exist as we exist. Conditions allow metabolism, growth, life, changes in life forms, mutations, and even development. If conditions on this planet change, life will adapt. The conditions are decisive. Life is actually an organized rearrangement of electrons, an organized course of chemical reactions.

Waste in our body

What burns in us and how it burns is key. The human body is and will be the subject of many years of study to make our combustion as perfect as the combustion of various substances in boilers. The resulting waste - ash or slag - must be disposed of. In the body, it is a process of dissolution and leaching resp. exhalation. If we let the waste settle and crystallize, problems arise that are more difficult to eliminate. If the conditions are not suitable, if we are not hydrated and we just eat instead of drinking water, waste settles in the body. It's like dumping waste in the city, instead of taking it to a landfill. When we fill the city, life in it stops. In the waste heap, the supply of the necessary components to life is stopped, because it is impossible to reach the people living in the city's cells with food. If it is only half-buried and still works anyway, much more work needs to be done to remove the already stored waste than if it had been taken to a landfill directly from households. And so it is with a man.

Burning, waste, and corrosion

We will use the comparison for combustion in boilers. An air supply is required for the boiler to burn well. The flue gases are removed, the ash is removed. When we burn badly, the boiler starts to smoke, we need a lot of wood and we don't have heat. If the wood is wet, tar is formed, we clog the chimney. If we have little oxygen, combustion is also worse. But the boiler also changes. It wears out and corrodes. If everything was perfect during the entire operation of the boiler, the boiler would last much longer. Long-term bad conditions have lasting and irreversible consequences. A boiler that always runs at maximum capacity produces much more waste than a boiler that runs at a lower output. Therefore, top athletes wear out faster than ordinary people.

Photons and burning

How does the burning process actually begin? Imagine a fireplace with wood and laser light. Let's shine on the wood and it will light up. The atoms of the wood molecules absorbed the energy of the photons, their electrons jumped to higher paths after absorption, and if oxygen is nearby, they transfer their electrons to the oxygen molecules. Thus carbon C forms CO2 together with oxygen. It burns because the energy conversion takes place and two substances with a lower energy state form something with a lower energy state, and energy is therefore released during oxidation. It is energy in the form of photons. Many photons are released. Photons radiate heat and it spreads to the surroundings. Some objects are heated and heat is passed on by conduction or convection.

The photons started the burning process, the conditions changed, the reaction started. Photons are the trigger and result of the process. This is because CO2 is a more stable substance than the starting components under the conditions we have on earth. Wood and oxygen are also stable until we create conditions for the course of the reaction at the point of contact.

Oxidation is not just about the reaction of oxygen. Instead of oxygen, chlorine, fluorine, etc. can be used. For example, ClO2 gas, i.e. chlorine dioxide is also activated by photons in the air and explodes.

I introduced this passage to understand the oxidation processes and also how the BIOquant® laser photons can activate vitamins, enzymes in the blood. It is also based on the energy absorption of photons and the effects of photon beams as electromagnetic waves. Photons cannot be lost. They must be absorbed. Both enzymes, vitamins, and our cells and their components are activated by photons. It should also be noted that not all substances absorb the energy of photons in the same way and this is called the absorption curve. Some substances this they do not have the ability at all.

Sometimes heat is generated for other reasons, e.g. due to a change in the state of concentration of the substance. E.g. water has three states, and changes in states mean changes in the heat that is in the substance. Sometimes heat is created by mixing substances, other times by dissolving them.

Oxidation in us

Our body is like a boiler in which we heat to 37 ° C. In order to be able to move and create muscle contractions, for the heart to pump, the lungs to breathe and generate energy. Energy is produced by human cells in mitochondria, which move the 24 electrons of a glucose molecule so that its components are oxidized. Glucose, like wood in a boiler, is a product of plant metabolism, a little differently, carbons, hydrogen, and oxygen are arranged. With good glucose combustion, a lot of ATP is produced, which supplies us with energy by hydrolysis and produces CO2 as an acidic substance and H2O. In other words, an acid is formed. This is removed by breathing in the form of CO2 and H2O. Therefore, you breathe faster with every effort, because the pH changes and the acid, which is formed in muscles and nerve cells, need to be removed.

In the event of a breakdown, ie without oxygen, the combustion of glucose generates only a third of the energy in the form of ATP and more acidic waste. These no longer escape as easily as CO2 in the form of gas through the lungs. Acid waste worsens the condition of the body, combustion deteriorates throughout the body. Acid waste has many hydrogen protons, reacts with bases to form salts and water. Until the principles are exhausted, the body manages. Then the building blocks of our boiler, the cells, suffer. Acids begin to remove components from them as well. Also, various microorganisms in us burn mostly glucose and produce substances that impair our combustion. These cause us to corrode our cells and damage them. There are permanent changes. Our body is damaged. Our energy units - mitochondria - are damaged. Damage also affects DNA. Therefore, oxygen breathing in our body is optimal, without oxygen combustion it produces a lot of waste and little energy, and we need the energy to remove waste. Without oxygen combustion, cells and their components are damaged and mitochondria die. If the damage is too great, we will not control it and cancer may develop.

A cell is to be understood as a complex of a huge number of molecules. She controls herself, but she also obeys orders from outside, and if she has to do something, she tries to do so. The condition is that its internal processes of obtaining energy are in order.

So we come to the conclusion that cell care is the only way to longevity. This is the strategic goal of our company. Our processes and products fulfill this concept of caring for every cell that makes us up. The bioquant medical device is aimed at this.

František Kokoš, March 9, 2011