The effects of Bioquant briefly

BIOquant® is primarily a device for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. It affects the blood by improving its viscosity and rheology, separating erythrocytes from each other, through the coherent electromagnetic oscillations of photon beams it emits through blood components, activating vitamins, enzymes and supplying more energy through the absorption of photons in our respiratory chain - these are mitochondria.

Thanks to the improved properties of the blood, BIOquant® induces better removal of acidic CO2. The activity of white blood cells increases, the function of immunity and all systems of the organism improve. The protein fibrin is dispersed in the blood, the so-called fibrinolysis, the platelet dispersion improves and their adhesion forces decrease, the clotting properties of the blood decrease, and a gradual increase in the INR time, that is, the time until blood clotting occurs, is observed. The effect is complex and systemic and fully develops only when detoxification takes place in a person, which induces a temporary deterioration of the condition.

Bioquant triggers detoxification of the body

Waste destroys us. In each of us, during the periods when we ate, drank more, smoked too much, or inhaled other toxic gases, we became too acidic, there had to be multiple corrective interventions of the organism in order for the body to function properly. When there was too much waste, it was stored in the body.

If we are over-acidified and the body cannot excrete waste, it stores it in its tissues. The pH of the blood must be slightly alkaline. Otherwise, the body reaches into the supply of its alkalines, and when it depletes them, it also reaches for the calcium of our bones. If we do not learn and do not drink enough clean water, the waste is wrapped in fat so that it cannot harm it, and some of it is stored first in the form of toxins in the intercellular space and later in the cells themselves.

Cancer and many other diseases are a manifestation of waste and toxins in our bodies and their degenerative effect on our cells, damaging DNA and RNA, until eventually severely damaged cells divide and mutate. Waste and harmful substances are also produced in us by many microorganisms that live in us. Waste can be removed if we help our body intensively.

Body detoxification

The main measures are diet modification, drinking plenty of fluids, especially alkaline water, movement with the induction of sweating and movement of lymph in the lymphatic system, and the establishment of a state of perfect blood, which leads to the perfect functioning of the organs responsible for its cleansing.

Acidification of the organism

Acidification of the organism is a breeding ground for microorganisms. If we do nothing or neglect even one factor, over the years we will come to the conclusion that 90% of people have serious problems. As a result of the wrong lifestyle, we suffer from old age diseases such as dementia, Alzheimer's, and Parkinson's disease, cardiovascular problems arise, our blood condition deteriorates significantly, our organs deplete the supplies of components needed to compensate for acidification, until eventually, our body becomes acidic. In an acidic environment, parasites, yeasts, fungi, viruses, and bacteria thrive, and the immune system does not work normally. Eventually, our bodies become breeding grounds for these substances, which are already worsening our condition much faster and the number of diagnoses that doctors find is growing. We have osteoporosis, arthritis, ulcerative wounds, clogged blood vessels, thick blood, poor organ function, infections in various parts of the body, prostate problems, various purulent rashes on the skin because of the liver or kidneys, and the lymphatic system no longer functions properly. In the vicinity of yeast, clusters of bacteria, our cells degenerate very quickly. This can be seen in the analysis of living blood, where erythrocytes lose their shape and form in the vicinity of such clusters and suffer from environmental toxicity.

A serious diagnosis is often the result of a bad lifestyle. Where did we get it? Why didn't we intervene earlier? Why do I have to have the disease?

Most medications only correct the consequences of the disease and do not eliminate the cause. It is not even possible, because the cause is in the beginning - and that was our irresponsible and wrong lifestyle. We didn't respect our body, we didn't understand it, we did not see its warning signs, we just rushed to work and did not notice what our body was telling us.

In the following articles, we will try to give you advice on how to proceed with diagnoses that bother you, because the genesis of disease development is different for everyone, our bodies are different, different influences and we each have our weak link somewhere else that we inherited from our ancestors. This is what requires an individual approach for everyone. However, many things apply equally to everyone.

Analysis of live and dry blood as a diagnostic method

Comparing the results of live and dry blood analyzes, we came to the following conclusions: The results of live and dry blood analyzes show not only in our country but all over the world that young people have worsened properties of blood rheology than before.

Every year of our age, the blood condition gets worse. First, the blood signals to us, be careful, because the blood must be perfect. When the body fails to do this, it ends up as a developing pathology in one or more organs, and consequently, a poor blood condition is necessary because its condition is already affected by a malfunctioning organ. If you intervene in time and correct the blood condition, the condition in the organ where the problem arises will also be corrected. If the consequences are permanent, you are only mitigating the development that you have caused yourself.

Bioquant improves the properties of the blood and improves the oxygenation of the body

BIOquant® affects the blood because the blood is a mirror of health. Its effect is complex and systemic. It not only does what the many drugs together do - drugs that are commonly used by cardiac, pressure, hypertensives, diabetics - but also supports the effect of these drugs. So it goes synergistically with drugs, but without side effects. It improves the flexibility of erythrocyte membranes, reduces blood viscosity, improves the permeability of cell membranes and so drugs get everywhere and easier, their effect increases even in the areas of edema and inflammation.

If you use BIOquant®, detoxification starts. Sediments and toxins begin to dissolve and temporarily feel worse. If there are too many toxins, they even cause an increase in blood pressure and a deterioration in the state of blood coagulation. Therefore, people with severe conditions need to proceed more slowly with BIOquant® than relatively healthy and younger people. Atherosclerotic deposits, which are actually waste, are released from the vessels and gradually dissolve. However, if we do not start drinking enough water, toxins, and waste from the body at this point, we will not even get it. Drinking plenty of water is very necessary. Otherwise, the waste settles again and the effect does not appear until a long time, and only when we are properly hydrated and the concentrations of waste in the blood drop so that it will be possible to dissolve their solid settled forms in the body and wash them out. They will dissolve for a very long time.

Only when we are sufficiently hydrated is the waste circulating in the blood through the liver and kidneys processed and eliminated from the body. Skin detoxification, i.e. sweating, is then desirable. If we don't sweat, let's strain our muscles at least a little to push the waste out of the lymphatic system and take it out of the cells so that it can be removed.

Due to these differences, BIOquant® works for someone very quickly and for others, it takes longer. LDL cholesterol gradually decreases and blood pressure, as well as many other symptoms, return to normal.

František Kokoš, 6 January 2011