About BIOquant manufacturer

About BIOquant manufacturer

bioquant nsBIOQUANT ™   NS LED is a wellness device developed and based on patents of Yalong Trade, s.r.o.. This Device uses a patented Nasal Applicator and utilizes an optimally-designed LED light source instead of laser light source for reason of user`s safety.

BIOQUANT ™   NS is a medical device developed and based on patents of Yalong Trade s.r.o.. This device uses a patented Nasal Applicator with laser light.

Information about us

Dear customers,

Company Yalong Trade s.r.o is active in intranasal applications from 2007.

In 2008 we applied for the first patent for intranasal applicator. That applicator is used in all our devices.

We have oriented all our products to laser blood irradiation untill 2017 and at the same time we were performing tests with different lights and applicators for brain stimulation.

In 2012 we applied for another patent for brain stimulation. It was firstly accepted by Slovak patent office in 2013 and later it was accepted by patent offices in other countries and US patent office.

In 2016 we started development of new product BIOquant NS LED. It is prepared and developed for USA market.

Developed product BIOquant NS is intended for laser blood irradiation for purpose of improvement of blood rheology and viscosity with laser light. It is a medical device.

Developed product BIOquant NS LED is intended for brain stimulation with safe LED light and it is a wellness device.

We are the manufacturer of both products in Slovakia.

We are producing products according to ISO13485:2012 and laser device according to MDD93/42/EEC.

Devices are in accompliance with valid international standards.

If you need any information, please contact us via e-mail.

Yalong Trade s.r.o.


07.08.2018 | BIOquant NS LED wellness device passed following tests:
IEC60601-1-2, IEC60601-1, IEC60601-1-11, IEC62471.

20.06.2018 | BIOquant NS was registered in SUKL in Slovakia
(State Institute for Drug Administration and Medical Device Administration in Slovakia, Bratislava).

18.03.2018 | Medical device BIOquant NS passed news tests:
haematology, hemolytic tests, partial tromboplastin time test (PTT), pyrogenicity test (pyrogen test).

01.09.2017 | Manufacturer Yalong Trade made a decision
to make new design and development for BIOquant NS LED, wellness device for USA market and started tests for wellness device.


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