Why is Bioquant effective for many diagnoses?

Many diseases are related to blood. Blood rheology and blood viscosity affect whether cells are well oxygenated, nourished, and have good conditions for their functioning, since each cell has its functions to perform. This process of creating conditions for cells is called blood microcirculation. It is also related to the removal of cell debris from tissues.

People with different diagnoses have impaired rheological properties of blood or blood viscosity. Regular use of Bioquant will improve blood rheology and viscosity, and consequently improve health complications, accompanying symptoms will either improve or disappear. Bioquant improves the rheological properties of blood and thus affects the conditions of every living cell in the body. We have many stories for various diagnosis and we will gradually bring you new stories.

Examples of diseases that accompany the worsening of the rheological properties of blood as an accompanying manifestation of the disease are these diseases of our users.


Sebastian, five year-old boy now, has been using Bioquant for ADHD for about a year in combination with dietary supplement Esprico. His condition has improved so much that he can fully concentrate on learning and he has made enormous progress in behaviour. Finally, aggression has been minimised. Finally, we hear mostly praise from the teachers in the kindergarten. As parents, we are so relieved that his behaviour is normalised.

Mother of Sebastian, Slovakia

I have been using Bioquant for five years. I have prostate cancer. The doctors told me that I would live two years at most. I have tried to keep myself calm and have stayed optimistic. I use Bioquant on daily basis. I have also been using prescription drugs, injections and chemotherapy and I do not want to take more drugs. I am happy to be still alive and I have lived longer with the condition I have compared to others. I am grateful that Bioquant, my healthy lifestyle and my doctors helped me to prolong my lifespan for me.

Miroslav from Slovakia
Prostate Cancer

I am 96 years and I have a weak heart. I have been Bioquant user for eight years. It cleanses my blood, and my daughter says I am still active. I do regular cleaning on my own. I would always accept an advice from Mr.Kokos who sold me Bioquant. I feel pretty good for my age. My daughter also has Bioquant. If I feel weak, I put a light in my nose instead of nitroglycerin and that helps me. All my doctors know that I have Bioquant.

Magdalena, Slovakia
Heart Arrhythmia

Doctor found out that my husband had elevated sugar last year. We had BIOquant but as we had not suffered any obvious diseases, we did not use it. After doctor has prescribed drugs for my husband, he decided to change the lifestyle and started to use BIOquant regularly, twice a day. He did not want to take any drugs due to the side effects they cause. After three months the blood sugar decreased to normal values.

Patient with prediabetes

I had infarction one year ago and it completely changed my lifestyle. At the same time I was diagnosed with prediabetes. My doctor told me that I have atherosclerosis and I have an increased risk of future infarction. I started to use BIOquant on a daily basis. I had taken prediabetic drugs for two months and also aspirin. Then I decided to stop taking them and I just use BIOquant. I go for walks and to gym three times a week. After three months, my blood sugar went down and I lost 5kg.

Mehmet from Turkey

I was always very active and healthy. I am 32 years old and have two children. Last year I felt very bad, I was constantly tired and needed to take a nap during daytime. I got pneumonia and took many different antibiotics. Later I was diagnosed with CMV and EBV virus. I had also higher risk of developing Haschimoto disease because my thyroid blood results were on the border. In order to improve my immunity, I bought BIOquant and I use it every day. My blood parameters are normal now and I keep checking them every three months. I believe this treatment can boost my immunity and improve my blood rheology.

Martina from Slovakia
Pneumonia, CMV, EBV

My husband was diagnosed with Parkinson disease six years ago. His health condition was pretty bad. He could not normally swallow, eat and sometimes he stopped breathing. His sleep was always interrupted. I bought BIOquant for him and he started to use it twice a day and later three times a day. He used both applicators at the same time, 650nm laser and 810nm infrared light. Sleep improved significantly what I considered to be a great success. After a while his eating and swallowing also have been improved and he has gained six kg. I believe that BIOquant can help to improve the quality of life for patients with Parkinson disease.

Wife of the patient with
Parkinson disease

My mother, as a patient with bipolar disorder who was diagnosed at age 15, was mostly in mania. Therefore, she was hospitalised for more than 100 times in psychiatry and received about 40-50 electro shocks during her life. Mania manifested itself literally as madness. Many would say she is obsessed with evil spirit. She would not sleep and she was aggressive. Once she tried to burn down the living room.

Seven years ago, she was again hospitalised in psychiatry and she had taken many drugs therefore she weighed 117 kg at 160 cm. She got diabetes four years ago and her blood vessels got worse. Doctors tried all combinations of drugs. She was so ill in 2018 that she almost died of thrombosis. Her blood vessels in her calves were so clogged. 

So in February 2019 we bought the device and my mother started using it with the assistance of our family. 

After 8 months usage her condition has been evidently improved. She was not hospitalised for one full year. She is currently 78 kg. Sleeping has improved, blood pressure has become normal, blood vessels have been improved, physical condition has been improved, the mania and hallucinations have been stabilised. What is not easy to believe that however she has not been taking any medication or psychiatric drugs at the age of 64 for 3 months, and had been taking medications for bipolar disorder for 50 years.

Son of the patient with
Biopolar Disease

Tobi is a boy born with an oculo-cerebro-renal syndrome, called Lowe's syndrome. We did not know the diagnosis when he was born. Individual problems came gradually and the diagnosis was only clear to the doctors when he was 5 years old. Until then, we were in a constant circle of hospitalisations, narcosis, rehabilitation, spa stays, therapies focused on gross motor skills. 

Tobi was a child who lived more or less in his own world and he was not so interested in ours. He was forgetting quickly. His whole game consisted only in moving cars and very often walked around with a toy in his hand aimlessly.

In 2018 we managed to buy BIOquant. Mr. Kokos from a drop of Tobi's blood found out that his red blood cells had lack of oxygen. Bioquant started to oxygenate his red blood cells properly, blood improved and thus all processes in his body improved as well as in the brain. 

Tobi changed after a few weeks. It looked like ,,the mist,, had melted in his brain, obscuring his consciousness, perception, thought processes. He stepped out of his world and began to perceive reality. He began to show great interest in what was happening around him and asking questions. He is a regular user of BIOquant and we dont even miss one day for application.

Lowe's Syndrome

Bioquant NS medical device

Medical Device for physical laser irradiation of blood at wavelength of 650nm through nasal cavity for the purpose of improvement of rheological properties of blood. The only medical device for laser blood irradiation through nasal cavity with valid MDD Certificate on the market

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