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Visit our BIOquant® center or contact our partners. Of course, you can also buy BIOquant® online in our e-shop.

BIOquant® centers

BIOquant® centers provide following services: possibility of trying BIOquant®, analysis of your blood on microscope, professional explanation of mechanism of effect, paid applications of BIOquant®

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KR Partners

Need a personal meeting? Contact our partners.

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Want to buy BIOquant® online?

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07.08.2018 | BIOquant NS LED wellness device passed following tests:
IEC60601-1-2, IEC60601-1, IEC60601-1-11, IEC62471.

20.06.2018 | BIOquant NS was registered in SUKL in Slovakia
(State Institute for Drug Administration and Medical Device Administration in Slovakia, Bratislava).

18.03.2018 | Medical device BIOquant NS passed news tests:
haematology, hemolytic tests, partial tromboplastin time test (PTT), pyrogenicity test (pyrogen test).

01.09.2017 | Manufacturer Yalong Trade made a decision
to make new design and development for BIOquant NS LED, wellness device for USA market and started tests for wellness device.


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