Bioquant LED and accessories

Device and connected applicators:

  • Red light applicator: A nasal applicator with a narrowband red light of 660 nm, with 86% wavelengths in the range of 3 nm, was used. Such light is called quasi-monochromatic. The main purpose of using intranasal application of red light is to improve local blood circulation with frequency (0 Hz) and brain wave modulation with frequencies (1 - 99 Hz).
  • NIR applicator: The device can be connected to a NIR applicator with a main wavelength of 810 nm, which generates invisible "light" in the form of electromagnetic waves, which can stimulate all tissue components in the irradiated area, including nerve cells. Such wavelengths of electromagnetic waves go deeper than red light and can stimulate a larger area. The main purpose of using 810nm is to modulate brain waves.
  • 530nm green light has mild disinfectant effects.
  • 470nm blue has stronger disinfectant, antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal effects and releases NO in the blood, which causes a vasodilating effect on blood vessels and has a relaxing effect on blood vessels.