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Bioquant Collagen Complex - nutritional supplement 320g to supplement collagen, which is needed for blood vessels, joints, connective tissues, skin. More

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Bioquant Collagen Complex - nutritional supplement, 320g

Ingredients: Hydrolyzed collagen, glucosamine HCl, chondroitin sulfate, MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane), calcium citrate, ascorbic acid, magnesium citrate.

Warning: The product is not suitable for people under 15 years of age, pregnant and breastfeeding women. The nutritional supplement must not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. Keep out of reach of small children. The established recommended daily dose must not be exceeded.

Storage: Store in a dry place, out of direct sunlight at temperatures of 4-25 ° C. Do not expose to frost or moisture.

Dosage: Mix 3 scoops (8g) in water twice a day (morning and afternoon) and drink.

Recommended daily dose: 16g.

Active substances in ODD (16g): collagen 10,9g *, Glucosamine HCl 1,5g *, Chondroitin sulphate 1,2g *, MSM (methyl sulphonyl methane) 1g *, calcium citrate 667mg (of which calcium 140,6mg (17, 6% ODP)), vitamin C 400mg (500% ODP), magnesium citrate 333mg (of which magnesium 51.6mg (13.8% ODP)) ODP = recommended daily intake, * ODP not defined. Vitamin C contributes to the proper production of collagen and the proper function of bones and cartilage. Calcium is needed to maintain healthy bones.

Minimum shelf life until: the date indicated on the weld.