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New Model Bioquant LED. It has wavelengths:

470nm - blue
530 nm green,
660 nm red,
810 nm NIR - invisible waves. More

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New Model Bioquant LED

It has wavelengths:

  • 470nm - blue
  • 530 nm green,
  • 660 Nm red,
  • 810 nm NIR - invisible waves.

Light effects:

  • 810 nm is used in combination with other lights to modulate brain waves, it works so that 810 nm penetrates deep and energizes well and is able to affect nerve cells.
  • 660nm red light affects blood viscosity and rheology and flow properties.
  • 530nm green affects useful blood and has mild disinfectant effects.
  • 470nm blue has stronger disinfectant, antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal effects and releases NO in the blood, which causes a vasodilating effect on blood vessels and has a relaxing effect on blood vessels.

The BIOquant® LED device was developed and patented by Yalong Trade, s.r.o ..

BIOquant® LED contains a patented nasal applicator that uses optimally designed LED light sources with safe light and electromagnetic waves.

The product is not invasive, is not implanted and does not pose any risk to the safety of users and others.

This device is designed to support overall health through the physical application of electromagnetic waves from LEDs in the nasal cavity to modulate brain waves and support wellness efforts.


The mechanism of the main effect is physical. It is based on the vibrations of electromagnetic waves and their interactions with the tissue. Electromagnetic waves are modulated by the frequencies used to modulate brain waves.

The method is intra-carrier.

The main effect is the modulation of brain waves, which affects a positive change in behavior, mood, along with a reduction or disappearance of some mild mental disorders.