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BIOquant NS Laser (medical device) certified with two cables. We supply the device with two laser applicators. The laser applicator is patented by Yalong Trade s.r.o. and is designed to irradiate blood through the nasal cavity to improve blood rheology and improve blood properties. The only medical device with laser applicators registered with the State Institute for Drug Control in EU. More

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BIOquant NS Laser (medical device) certified with two cables. We supply the device with two laser applicators. The laser applicator is patented by Yalong Trade s.r.o. and is designed to laser irradiate blood through the nasal cavity to correct blood rheology and improve blood properties. The only medical device with laser applicators registered with the State Institute for Drug Control.

Mechanism of action:

All cells are connected by network of vessels through which blood flows. It is a source of oxygen, energy, building materials and carries waste to detoxification organs.

The mechanism of action described in some diagnoses that improve with Bioquant is for a better understanding of the effects. Contact us for other diagnoses.

Users without diagnoses:

For all users, the device helps to improve cellular functions, an improvement in cognitive functions and an increase in mental and physical energy can be observed.

Users with cardiovascular disease:

High blood pressure:

Blood with better viscosity and rheology has an improved ability to remove from the vessel walls plaques that formed there at a time when the blood had deteriorated viscosity, rheology and was therefore "thick". If the effect of plaque removal is combined with good blood flow properties - "good blood flow", a precondition is created for the improvement of blood pressure or its stabilization.

Ischemic heart disease:

The same is true for hypertension. In addition, applications can clean plaques in the heart vessels, improve blood microcirculation through the heart. In addition, if blood with improved flow properties flows through purified blood vessels in the body, a decrease in resistance to blood flow and a lower effort to pump it can contribute to the overall regeneration of the heart muscle and a decrease in its stress.


It is the formation of blood clots on the walls of blood vessels. It is associated with bloodlessness in the case of arteries, swelling in the case of venous thrombosis, and when the thrombus is released in the blood vessels, an embolism develops with all the consequences depending on where the blood flow stops. The formation of thrombi is a consequence of the longer-term deterioration of the viscosity and rheology of the blood, i.e. the fluidity of the blood. Impaired fluidity pushes platelets to the walls of the vessels where they adhere and the mechanism of thrombus formation is triggered. Bioquant counteracts the mechanism of thrombus formation through good blood flow properties. It can be seen from the literature and from analyzes of living blood that the process of fibrinolysis is activated and the activity of the component that contributes to the formation of thrombi is normalized. Blood is normalized after applications and the risk of thrombus formation decreases. However, with thrombosis, there is always a risk of thrombus release, so it is best to go through this process. In order to limit the process of blood clotting to where it is needed and not to clot blood in blood vessels, a system of natural coagulation inhibitors is used. Maintaining blood flow while having the ability to form a clot when needed is a delicately balanced process. Disruption of the balance leads to either thrombosis or, conversely, increased bleeding. Regular applications of Bioquant have a normalizing effect on these processes.


All diabetics, especially those who do not regulate glucose levels, know that in such a case, diabetes is accompanied by the development of concomitant diseases of diabetes, namely the eyes, kidneys, lower limbs and nervous system. However, they all develop from impaired blood viscosity and rheology, which lead to impaired tissue microcirculation as a direct consequence of elevated blood glucose. Therefore, Bioquant, through its effects through the fluidity and viscosity of the blood, helps to reduce the risk of such diseases. Also, by improving the microcirculation of the blood through the pancreas, its ability to produce insulin can be improved if the disease does not last long and does not develop much. This is because regeneration of the pancreas requires living functional insulin-producing cells. Good blood viscosity and rheology contribute to improving the permeability of the cell membranes of our cells and so glucose metabolism can be improved whole body.

Users with brain diseases:

Dementia, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease:

We have found out several facts by a long search of sources and a study of the literature. People with neurodegenerative diseases have an increased content of certain waste products in the intercellular space of the brain and in the cells themselves. It is only logical that there must be a connection between waste and the properties of the blood, especially in those tissues that are not capable of any phybu and cannot exercise and detoxify like all other cells in the body. So the connection between the properties of the blood and the cognitive abilities of the brain is related. Therefore, improving blood properties can help slow old age brain diseases. It has also been found that in these diseases, some frequencies activate glial cells, which cleanse the brain of waste proteins, it is like a kind of training of these cells to move to higher activity. The frequencies of 40-60Hz, which are part of the Bioquant device, have been verified worldwide.


ADHD Bioquant helps improve blood rheology and occurs faster regeneration of digestive mechanisms that ADHD users have damaged. Good blood rheology is extremely important for digestion and the brain. In this case, a special diet without sugars and starches is also recommended. Frequencies in Bioquanta stimulate the brain, and since ADHD users have a dominant frequency in the brain at lower levels, the brain learns to work at higher frequencies, which helps reduce hyperactivity and impulsivity and improve cognitive function.