Using Bioquant NS and sports performance

Laser irradiation of blood improves the properties of blood in terms of its ability to flow easily and unobstructed through blood vessels, allows good blood flow through good blood viscosity, good blood rheology further improves blood microcirculation through tissues and thus creates favorable conditions for better strength and endurance, which is confirmed studies. It doesn't matter if you have a laser in your vein or nose, it simply improves strength and endurance, but it only happens if the blood is able to bring enough energy and oxygen to the cells, because only then can you handle and manage physical or mental effort.

For success with Bioquant

Every professional athlete needs to increase performance, endurance and strength.

Bioquant will help you on this journey.

Is laser blood irradiation doping?

If we were to analyze the method of laser irradiation of blood, whether it is doping or not, the German Anti-Doping Commission determined that since the application of light to the body does not introduce anything foreign into the body, it assessed that the method of laser irradiation of blood is not doping.

Good blood viscosity and rheology are the basis of strength and endurance, whether human or athlete. However, it is also the basis of mental performance. Physical and mental performance are directly related to the condition of the blood.

Sports performance and blood flow properties

With every sport, whether with or without a warm-up (in the latter case, the effects are more severe because undisturbed blood causes oxidative stress and strains the tissues more and more severely than in the case of a warm-up), there is an increased risk of tissue damage due to ischemia. acidosis and oxidative stress. Therefore, perfect blood flow properties mean higher physical performance and endurance compared to the state when these parameters are not optimal. Bioquant adjusts blood rheology and viscosity, ie the flow properties of blood.

After sports performance with good blood flow properties and good permeability of cell membranes, the ability to get rid of waste products such as lactic acid and thus the symptoms of the so-called the musculoskeletal system is less pronounced and the cells are easily deprived of metabolites of their activity.

The effects on the brain and the delay in brain fouling by metabolites and consequences are also significant, leading to the development of neurodegenarative diseases. If you destroy yourself with physics, you also destroy yourself mentally. Because they are connected vessels. Therefore, it is best to manage any stress in such a state that the flow properties of the blood are perfect. Otherwise the damage will be more serious.

You have it in your hands.

You can do your best to reduce damage to the body and your cells, because they are the basis of your body. We are all made up of cells. We should take care of their comfort and well-being. And this can only be done with good blood condition. And that's what the Bioquant is about.

How Bioquant can help you

Using the Bioquant is painless and non-invasive. It will improve not only the cognitive abilities of the brain but also the physical abilities of your body. If you are an active athlete, not only your performance but also your endurance will increase.

Blood is what causes you to breathe up or not, whether you rule or not, and whether it thinks to you or not. Everything is connected to each other in the human body by blood. The neural network is second, but it is also nourished by blood.