How can Bioquant help before sports performance?

Improvement in blood viscosity and rheology occurs only where these variables are not optimal prior to application. If they are optimal, there will be no change in the flow properties of the blood.

Improving the elasticity and deformability of red blood cells occurs by application to almost everyone, because red blood cells and their surface area are affected by all substances that circulate in the serum. From components of degraded food through components of blood plasma, oxidative stress, acidosis, inflammatory proteins, products regulating hemostasis and homeostasis, etc. It is enough that we eat and the lipid-protein components affect the membranes of red blood cells. Some people even experience a decrease in SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation) after eating.

Almost all users have a change in the properties of the red blood cell membranes after using the device, and this affects their ability to bind oxygen and distribute it throughout the body. In people with impaired viscosity and blood rheology, there is an improvement in either viscosity or just rheology or both, whichever is not optimal.

If an athlete's body has been affected by any stress factor, it leaves traces on blood properties such as blood viscosity and rheology and red blood cell properties.

Thus, before a sports performance, the flow properties of the blood and the properties of the red blood cells and their membranes are tuned as close as possible to the optimal values.

How can Bioquant help after sports performance?

Sports performance is a state of the body in which the production of energy in stressed muscle areas increases, to which an increased amount of oxygen energy must be transported to produce ATP, which drives the cells in their activity. The heart then raises its heart rate, the number of its beats increases, the number of inhales and exhalations of the lungs increases, the volume of pumped blood increases several times. If the heart or lungs were not sufficient and not compatible with the performance, energy production would change to oxygen-deficient production, and this would mean increased production of metabolites burdening the body with lower energy production. At the same time, it also means increased oxidative stress, ischemia, acidosis.

Sudden athletic performance without training is dangerous for stressed tissues. They can be damaged. But automatically also for the brain. Every local acidosis and oxidative stress also has its systemic consequences, because it spreads through the blood tissue throughout the body and therefore affects the brain. The brain consumes a third of the circulating blood, in a small volume there is a huge production of energy and so it is strongly influenced by problems in a given part of the body.

Therefore, after sports performance, Bioquant accelerates the processes of getting rid of residual metabolites (eg lactic acid) by the mechanisms by which it acts on the athlete's body and the effects it produces, thus shortening the regeneration time and allowing the athlete to recover much better in perfect blood conditions.

Do athletes have to follow the instructions for use of the Bioquant NS device in terms of adaptation, ie getting used to the device at the beginning of its use?

If we assume that he is a healthy athlete, it creates the assumption that his bloodstream is free of plaques, his blood is relatively in a good state of viscosity and rheology, and oscillates around this good state, which persists for most of the time.

Therefore, athletes may not follow the adaptation settings which was set for the needs of the elderly with one or more advanced diseases, and these people would feel that the Bioquant was too powerful at the beginning of use.

Active athletes have a choice of a number of device settings.

Before sports performance, I would recommend using the P1 continuous light program with 0Hz, or one of the P4 to P6 programs with frequencies of 40-60Hz.

After sports performance, I would recommend the P1 continuous light program with 0hz if the athlete no longer has to be mentally active and no longer has to drive, but if he has to do so in that case P1 with 0hz. If you use a device with two applicators at the same time, it can decrease the application time preset in the device for a frequency of 8-10 minutes and for continuous light 15 minutes.

Isn't the use of the device by athletes Doping?

No, it is not. The device does not introduce anything foreign into the body. It improves the properties of the blood if they are not optimal and the body then works only with its own blood. After several years of investigation, the German Anti-Doping Commission has determined that this is not doping.

Is there an exception when athletes would not be able to use the device?

It is not, but the contraindications of the device must be respected. One contraindication is bleeding resp. hemorrhagic situations. Therefore, in contact sports, where there is a risk of bleeding, e.g. to the brain, e.g. box, where situations of intracranial bleeding or micro-bleeding could occur, the device must not be used when such conditions are suspected.

How can the use of the device be reflected in the summary in athletes?

By improving strength and endurance and shortening the regeneration time.

Ing. František Kokoš

Published 12.01.2021