General information about the Bioquant NS

Purpose of Bioquant

This medical device is intended for the physical irradiation of blood with a laser with a light wavelength of 650 nm through the nasal cavity to improve the rheological properties of the blood.

Characteristics of the BIOquant NS model

BIOquant® NS is a medical device developed and patented by Yalong Trade, s.r.o.

BIOquant® NS has a patented nasal applicator that uses an optimally designed laser light source and correctly set optical fiber dimensions.

  • The device produces 650 nm laser light from a semiconductor laser diode.
  • The certified medical device according to Directive 93/42 / EEC.
  • Based on the red laser light.
  • Irradiates the nasal cavity.
  • Irradiates blood circulating in the vessels in the irradiated area.
  • It irradiates all cells and nerve endings in this area.
  • Also suitable for home use.

Package includes

  • Bioquant NS device
  • laser cable or 2 laser cables (you can buy extra cables available in the shop, each cable must be calibrated together with the device)
  • nasal attachments
  • nose clips
  • charger
  • manual

The main purpose of use

  • Improving blood rheology, i. j. elasticity and deformability of red blood cells and viscosity.

Intranasal method

A nasal applicator producing electromagnetic waves of laser red light is inserted into the nasal cavity, where light enters the nasal mucosa. The nasal mucosa has numerous blood vessels with rich and relatively slow blood flow. Light from the device irradiates blood flowing in the vascular bed of the irradiated mucosa during application.

Healing mechanism

The treatment mechanism is based on the irradiation of blood with laser light, which has its absorption characteristics and the blood and its components absorb the energy of photons.

Complex effect

Irradiation of blood with a low-intensity laser affects blood cells and all blood components. Blood with improved properties affects the tissues of all body organs and the entire human system. It works for the whole-body and complex. Photon absorption affects chemical reactions on the physical principle of absorption, regulatory, biological functions, and their interrelationships.

Physical effect

The mechanism of the main effect is physical and is based on the uptake of photons in the irradiated nasal mucosa and the blood flow in the mucosa.

The mechanism causes physical as well as photochemical changes. In general, the amount of energy in the form of ATP increases in cells, which drives and keeps cells alive. This makes it possible to improve cell and tissue regeneration. The mechanism improves physical parameters of blood such as blood rheology and viscosity of blood, thereby improving blood flow through tissues, microcirculation, and oxygenation of tissues.

This process of absorption of photons is called photobiomodulation. The complexity of the effects of photobiomodulation is described in the literature on various tissues, including blood, and explains the exact definition of this term. Photons in interactions with biological tissues have modulating effects of a normalizing nature which is explained in the literature.

Examples of other effects observed from around the world during and after laser blood irradiation applications (Source: Weber)

  • normalization of immunity, decrease in CRP, increase in immunoglobulins, improvement in interferons and TNF alpha,
  • improvement of healing, repair, and regeneration processes,
  • improving the functions of the endocrine system,
  • antispasmodic effect,
  • antithrombotic effect,
  • anti-aging effect (slowing down aging),
  • detoxifying effect,
  • prevention against various diseases, for example against viral and bacterial infections,
  • effects on the growth of physical and mental strength and the improvement of health,
  • positive effect on wellbeing and wellbeing of a person (wellness) in terms of health.

Laser irradiation of blood through the nasal cavity in the comfort of home with the Bioquant device is non-invasive, simple and extremely effective, and beneficial for overall health.

The effects of Bioquant briefly

The effects of Bioquant briefly

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