Cruel statistics say: The mortality of cardiovascular diseases increases every year

Cardiovascular diseases are referred to as civilization diseases, which means that they are lifestyle diseases. It is ironic that in countries where people are starving, they have the lowest incidence of cardiovascular disease. On the other hand, there are clinical studies in animals that if an event (infarction) occurs, the survival rate is lower in animals with low cholesterol intake than in animals with good nutrition and higher cholesterol levels (in this case, the cell repair capacity is increased). 

Causes of cardiovascular diseases

There are many causes of these diseases, but we cannot blame them for some, for example, genetic factors and predisposition.

Others have been caused by our overall lifestyle, such as poisons, drugs, cosmetics, electromagnetic smog, heavy metals, stress.

We can blame ourselves for some of them: drinking regime, inappropriate diet, low physical activity, unhealthy habits such as alcohol, drugs, frequent overexposure of the body's strength, etc.

But we can influence what we are responsible for, and that is crucial in this complex.

And we can compensate with our behavior for other environmental influences that accelerate the progress of these diseases.

Healthy heart and blood vessels - healthy blood

When we are young, we have perfect blood, because the organism grows and takes everything it needs from food. When we grow up and for many years we are influenced by the above factors, the processes of waste disposal in the body begin. If a person does not get rid of them enough, because the blood must be perfect, the wastes accumulate in the body. If it takes too long, the changes will be reflected in the organs and then in the blood itself. "Bad" blood signals an overexposed situation. "Bad" does not necessarily mean that the biochemical parameters have already changed, first the blood coagulation state increases, its viscosity increases, the number of normal discocytes decreases, and the number of abnormal forms of erythrocytes increases. Later, LDL or even total cholesterol rises, the body's defense against damage begins, fibrin activity rises, atherosclerotic changes occur, blood pressure rises and hypertension, ischemic conditions, etc. gradually develop.

Accumulation of waste in the body

This is how it has been going on for decades. At the age of 40, we already have 20 years old waste in us, if we could not get rid of it.

How waste is disposed of is simple. All processes take place thanks to the blood, which brings nutrients from the small intestine and oxygen from the lungs, and the result of metabolism is energy to maintain body temperature, movement, nervous activity. Carbon dioxide and a number of metabolites are formed. CO2 carries blood to the lungs, other wastes travel through the lymphatic system to the blood and the organs that remove them, and there is the interaction of many organs - the kidneys, liver, spleen, skin.

So the waste has a liquid and gaseous form and then we get rid of it easily. If they already acquire a solid form during storage, then the process of redissolution takes a long time. If we cannot remove the waste at night and start adding a new dose in the morning, it must settle in the body.

Our self-healing ability exists and works. But when we permanently damage it, in the end, our body does not manage and disease develops. If about half of the population suffers from cardiovascular diseases, then that half has exceeded the level of self-healing forces. However, the other half managed to do it, apparently, they did something different or their metabolism works a little better and managed to deal with all the influences. This is logical because we are each physically equipped differently and look different. Not everyone is the same, and so it is with metabolism.

Prescription drugs to avert the effects of your bad lifestyle do not cure, only maintain or slow down the deterioration. When e.g. If you stop taking medication, the pressure will increase. Taking these medicines is not just the prevention of not having a heart attack.

Let's eliminate the cause of the disease and not just the consequences

It follows from the above what needs to be done to reverse the deterioration in our health that is evolving towards spiraling diseases, but we do not always have the strength to cut it through and stop it. And when it's late, you can't go back. That's why we start taking pills for hypertension - to reduce the number of heartbeats, to dilate blood vessels, to dilute the blood, to reduce blood clotting, to improve kidney function. But these drugs do not cure. They are just prevention of further deterioration. Deterioration would be much faster without these resources. I claim that they do not cure because when you stop these medicines, the diagnosis is not cleared and the pressure rises again. But they are effective and necessary prevention. If we do not start to change our lifestyle with medicines, the condition may continue to deteriorate and medicines will increase in many types and numbers. And in the end, it ends up with a heart attack or stroke. If there was a heart attack once, it will definitely be repeated, and the consequences will be worse if we do not change anything.

Lifestyle change is necessary. Without changing your lifestyle, you will lose your health, you will be on the rest of your life on medicines that will increase, and eventually, a bad lifestyle will take a cruel toll on you neglecting your body. There is a lot of talk in the media about the topic of a healthy lifestyle, so we offer at least a few tips that we consider the most important.

Lifestyle change is necessary and adjustments to the properties of the blood

Here is time to think and start doing something. The situation needs to be reversed. So physical activity (at least walks), a regular drinking regime, removing harmful factors by drinking water or detoxifying, eliminating stress, regular sleep, a healthy diet, and BIOquant® - these are things that can reverse it.

BIOquant® alone is not strong enough and if we do not change our lifestyle, we can get a heart attack or stroke - with or without BIOquant®, with or without medication.

At a younger age and in less serious conditions, BIOquant® alone will reverse the situation, but later, at an older age and in more serious conditions, it is no longer enough.

Everyone already knows what BIOquant® does. With each application, it changes the blood conditions leading to blood thinning, an increase in enzyme activity, the release of NO with a vasodilating effect, a decrease in LDL and triglycerides. However, if we overwhelm its effect with hamburgers, fried eggs with ham, and two liters of wine and do not drink water all day if we just sit at the office desk and smoke, we weigh 120 kg, then even BIOquant® will not help.

Ing. František Kokoš, September 30, 2010