BIOquant and COVID-19

Almost everyone knows that Covid-19 is easier for some to handle, others more difficult, and some die for it. It is associated with the state of the human immune system, its developed or developing diagnoses that affect its organs, the state of the blood and thus the readiness to manage a disease such as Covid-19. People in good physical and mental form usually manage Covid playfully, some do not even know they have it.

Covid-19 and its consequences

However, no one is dying only on Covid, but mainly on its consequences. It worsens blood oxygenation and SpO2 in patients with Covid decreases. Thus, the oxygenation of human organs and tissues deteriorates. Tissue acidosis (increase of CO2 and other metabolites in the tissues) develops, oxidative stress, ischemia and a carousel of adverse changes get the body out of the possibility of regulating homeostasis, so it is not possible to set good conditions in the body as it automatically happens in a healthy person. Sometimes the carousel is triggered by a worsening of the pneumonia associated with the virus. The result is an increase in blood pressure, an increase in heart rate, and thickening of the blood after a certain period of time, so the viscosity increases and the rheology deteriorates, until eventually plaques form in the vessels, micro-thrombi and thrombi form and after their release the person dies of blood ischemia and thrombus in a certain part of the body. For example, a sick man with Covid dies of a heart attack and not COVID.

Oxygen check with oximeter

A simple solution for assessing the condition is to measure the oxygen content in the blood with an oximeter. All values ​​below 95% need to be controlled to get above this limit as soon as possible. So that the damage to the body is not more serious.

If you have a temperature, it is good, because in a disease state, a high temperature improves the properties of the blood, ie the viscosity and rheology of the blood. But too high a temperature must also be precipitated by well-available and known means.

To reduce the risk of thrombus formation, a suitable supplement is Aspirin or acylpirine or anopyrine. It is always acetylsalicylic acid, which disaggregates platelets and reduces the risk of thrombus formation. However, it does not improve blood oxygenation, but reduces the risk. Alternatives are drugs such as Fraxiparin and others.

You also need to take care of your immunity to make it work at its best. Vitamins and minerals such as Zn, Se, C, D or D3, B6, possibly the product Isoprinosine as an immunity booster (prescription antiviral) ..... they are suitable nutritional supplements and medicines.

Personally, I would reach for antivirals, if you do not have them available, at least a nutritional supplement such as Atremisinin (Artemisin), which is under extensive research and is an approved drug for the FDA malaria virus in the US and its potential for Covid virus is being investigated.

What can you do to increase the oxygen in your body?

There are two options.

1. One of the options is an oxygenator, you enrich it with the oxygen you breathe into your lungs. But that's just one side of the lungs, one side of the coin. It would work effectively if the blood were perfect, but it's not. On the contrary.

2. The other side is the blood, which absorbs oxygen and distributes it throughout the body. Therefore, its properties such as viscosity, blood rheology and the properties of red blood cells to bind oxygen well are very important. I would definitely reach for the Bioquant NS product, it is a laser that affects the other side of the coin, namely the absorption and transport capacity of blood, because the improvement in blood viscosity and rheology, which leads to improved circulation and microcirculation, and the response can be seen directly on SpO2 values ​​measured by oximeters. From application to application, oxygen will improve, pulse and blood pressure will decrease, body conditions will improve, and only in such conditions can immunity function fully and perfectly. Oxidative stress gradually decreases, non-oxygenation of organs and tissues disappears, the risk of thrombus formation is reduced.

Since patients with Covid do not have time to play with the adaptation prescribed in the Bioquant NS Instructions for Use, the procedure must be so fast that the oxygen measured by the oximeter reaches the desired and required values ​​above 95, but better above 98% as soon as possible. .

As the author of the Instructions for Use, I must state that the Instructions have been written in such a way that ordinary users do not experience any side effects when they start with the device.

Therefore, the adaptation procedure in the Instructions for Use is 42 days. But during such a time, a sick person with Covid who needs immediate effects could die during this time.

Therefore, this is not the case for patients with Covid, as the side effects of this virus are so severe that the rapid onset of use of the Bioquant and its side effects during the rapid onset mean nothing compared to the consequences of COVID. Only slight discomfort can appear, which can be easily overcome.

Protocols on how to use the Bioquant device for COVID may vary. Thus, SpO2 is monitored for blood oxygenation before and during each application. The application can run until it is repeated until the oxygen stabilizes and Bioquant can no longer increase it in the given application. If the oxygen reaches its peak and no longer rises but falls slightly, it may interrupt the application

ť. Further improvement will be achieved in the next application.

First option

One of the possible uses is, for example, 3 applications per day:

P with a number, eg P4 means a program whose parameters are precisely preset in the device.

If you have a previous Bioquant model, eg Bioquant model, or Bioquant N model, or Bioquant PROFI or Kingray PROFI device, use only continuous light 0Hz in the morning and for lunch, in the evening you can use light with a frequency of intermittent light.

Second option

But if you would like to use only a continuous light with 0Hz the design procedure is here:

After reaching SpO2 above 95%, the number can be applications reduced to 2 P1 applications with 0hz per day. But if SpO2 starts to fall again, it is necessary to return to the three applications until it stabilizes. SpO2 is a quantity that you can control with the Bioquant device.

It should be noted that Bioquant works differently from actylsalicylic acid or blood thinners and its effect on blood oxygen levels is mostly very fast. Flexible and deformable red blood cells without surface layers on their membranes effectively bind oxygen and fulfill their function. Only in the most severe conditions will the improvement of SpO2 be very small with each application and a higher number of applications will be needed than in people with better health. Also, the duration of treatment will last longer in these people.

The end result of increasing oxygen, improving viscosity and blood rheology can be expected to shorten the duration of treatment and mitigate the effects of COVID 19 on human organs and improve the quality of life after the disease.

The Bioquant NS COVID device does not cure, it only helps to mitigate its consequences and contributes to the improvement of a person's overall health. So a person actually treats himself from the disease himself, his immunity and Bioquant only helps to create the conditions for these processes to run optimally and not in devastating conditions that would damage human organs and lead to death or serious consequences in such conditions. .

Published 7.1.2021, Author: Ing.František Kokoš